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This is my personal blog. I’ll be migrating my posts from other platforms to this site.

I’m a software developer, a family man, and a B.A. in English. My writing is motivated by all of these things.

Comment Policy

Be pleasant. Keep it PG. Don’t advertise. Don’t hate.

I welcome most forms of discussion and questions. That said: distasteful opinions, rudeness, and anything NSFW will be deleted on sight. Advertisers will be blocked. This is my personal site and you do not have any free speech rights here.

What’s wrong with Medium?

A great deal of my writing has been published on Medium, and it’s been a stellar platform for gaining exposure and engaging with the community. Unfortunately, it seems like Medium doesn’t have a sensible path to profitability. I basically expect the site to be shuttered at any moment. I much prefer to have a little more ownership of my content and be able to decide when/if it becomes inaccessible.

Why are there no share buttons?

I expect my primary audience to know how to copy and paste a URL to Twitter/Facebook/Mastodon/Reddit/wherever you hang out.

Contact info

Drop me a line on Twitter.

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